Grupo Vision plans new album for March, talk La Nueva Sangre Tour [VIDEO]

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Grupo Vision are planning to release a new album in March and are currently on La Nueva Sangre Tour with Grupo Zenzio.

The San Antonio-based band, which features twin brothers Javier and Jaime Medina, talked about their upcoming disc during a recent interview with Tejano Concerts TV.

“Right now, we’re in the recording process,” said Jaime Medina, vocalist and bajo sexto player for Vision. “We’re actually almost done, the CD is supposed to come out in March, which is the goal. We’re really excited, we have some songs from some good writers. Juan Trevino is one of them.”

“We just want to put out a great album, great music, so they (fans) can follow us and we can reach their hearts with our music and if we can reach one person, then we’ve done our job,” added Vision member Johnny Sobrevilla.

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Vision plan to release the lead single from the album soon. It will be the follow-up to their successful collaboration with Frankie J, “Con La Mirada Que Me Das”, released in late 2017.

Watch the full interview with Grupo Vision below, as they also talk about touring with Grupo Zenzio on La Nueva Sangre Tour.

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WATCH: Grupo Vision on Tejano Concerts TV

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