Gilberto Garcia Jr carries on ‘Legacia y Tradicion’ of Los Dos Gilbertos

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Gilberto Garcia Jr is carrying on the tradition and legacy of Los Dos Gilbertos with the new album Legacia Y Tradicion from VMB Music Group.

But, it almost didn’t happen. After his father, Gilberto Garcia, passed away in 2015 he wasn’t quite sure about continuing with the band, according to an interview Garcia gave to Tejano Nation radio affiliate Tejano 1600 KXEW-AM in Tucson, Arizona.

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“For one, it was hard, we had lost him and it was hard to continue Los Dos Gilbertos,” Garcia Jr told Tejano 1600 morning host Melissa Santa Cruz. “He was the main man, he was the accordion player, he was the main vocalist, so to continue with that, to me, with all due respect to my pops, it was, I guess for me, big shoes to be filled.”

LISTEN: Gilberto Garcia Jr talks with Melissa SantaCruz on Tejano 1600

Los Dos Gilbertos have been entertaining Conjunto music fans since the 1970s with many successful albums.

“It took me two years after he passed away that I finally, my mom just kind of pushed me and said, ‘You know you need to continue your dad’s legacy and tradition. It’s something that runs in the family’,” Garcia Jr added. “Finally, I snapped and said, ‘You know what? She’s right’.”

The band signed with VMB Music Group and released Legacia Y Tradicion in May 2018 and plans to continue the legacy and tradition of Los Dos Gilbertos for many years to come.

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LISTEN: Los Dos Gilbertos de Gilbert Garcia Jr — Legacia Y Tradicion

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