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Tejano programming featured on new Roku streaming channel

Totally Tejano Television is a newly launched streaming channel on Roku dedicated to Tejano music and culture.

Singer Yvonne Ramos with “En Caliente” host Roger Hernandez. | YouTube / ECP777

Totally Tejano Television is a newly launched streaming channel on Roku dedicated to Tejano music and culture.

“I believe streaming is the future in television,” said Roger Hernandez, producer and director of Totally Tejano Television.

Current programming includes episodes from the show “En Caliente,” concert footage, music videos, and movies focused on the culture of Tejano music.

“En Caliente” was created in 1982 and was the first San Antonio television program to be syndicated in 11 major cities across America.
The channel is currently looking to add more content with Tejano shows from across Texas and Mexico, including The Johnny Canales Show.
“We are adding programming daily, and soon we are going to be adding a news category to our programming,” added Hernandez.
The news programming will include everything from industry talks to breaking news in the industry.
“We are presently in talks with industry giant Ramon Hernandez to collaborate with the news related programming.” shared Hernandez.
Ramon Hernandez is a noted writer, photojournalist, and Tejano music historian.
Since its launch on January 11, 2019, the new channel has reached over 3000 views, and it is continuing to grow with a domestic & international viewing base.

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