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The Hometown Boys welcome return of ‘El Jefe’, plan new album for 2019

Photo: Facebook / The Hometown Boys

The Hometown Boys are one of the most celebrated Tejano / Conjunto groups of their era and begin 2019 with the return of “El Jefe” Roman Martinez, Sr. to the stage and plan a new album for this year.

“El Jefe” suffered a concussion after a nasty fall in October and took time away from the band’s busy performing schedule to recuperate, but has been performing short sets since late December.

“He’s coming along a little bit at a time, that’s all you can do,” his son and band member Bobby Martinez told Tejano Concerts TV. “Gracias a Dios, he’s doing a lot better now. It’s great to have him back on stage, even if it’s not for the full set, glad he’s back with us.”

With the return of “El Jefe”, the Hometown Boys plan to work on a new album.

“We already have a couple of tracks laid down in the studio, but we have to finish off the CD,” Bobby added. “As long as El Jefe can get out there and do what he’s gotta do, hopefully, it will be out in a couple of months.”

The new album will be the follow-up to The Hometown Boys concert album, Un Grito! Volume 2, released in March 2018.

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