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New H-E-B Selena bags back online after technical issue

Facebook / H-E-B

Selena fans can now purchase the H-E-B Selena tote bags online after a technical issue kept some fans from buying the bags on Thursday morning.

H-E-B updated customers on Thursday afternoon, “ALL forms of payment are now working on selena.heb.com! The #SelenayHEB bags are also available now in stores. Thank you for your patience!”

The San Antonio, Texas-based grocery chain posted an update early Thursday morning that said, “We are currently having payment issues with our selena.heb.com website that we are working with PayPal to solve, and will let our customers know when it is fixed! The #SelenayHEB bags are available now in stores.”

The bags can be purchased on H-E-B’s website at selena.heb.com.

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1 comment on “New H-E-B Selena bags back online after technical issue

  1. Joe Carrejo

    ordered my bags last week both me and my wife !!! we ordered 2 bags apiece on 2 diferent orders !!! received them today but only got one each even though we were charged for 2 !!! how do we get our 2nd bags that we paid for !!!


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