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Rick Fuentes to pay tribute to original Brown Express for next album

Rick Fuentes and the Brown Express are finishing up their second studio album, a tribute to the original Brown Express, the legendary band started by Fuentes’ father, Ricardo “Richard” Fuentes, in the 1970s.

The band have shared photos and videos via social media. keeping fans updated on the album’s progress. Including some exciting collaborations with Tejano legends.

“I’m paying tribute to the original Brown Express,” Fuentes told Tejano Concerts TV. “My dad had a lot of hits…I’m bringing back all those songs and I’m bringing them back with guest artists. I have Little Joe on the album, Shelly Lares, Ricardo Castillon, Ruben Ramos. I have a whole bunch of Tejano legends that are going to be on this new record coming out next month, so we’re really excited about it.”

This upcoming Tribute album will be the follow-up to a live concert album and the group’s self-titled debut album released in January 2017.

No official date for the release of the upcoming album from Rick Fuentes and The Brown Express, but Tejano Nation will have more details as they become available. Follow Tejano Nation on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Spotify, for the latest Tejano music, news and entertainment.

WATCH: Rick Fuentes on Tejano Concerts TV




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