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Carlos Y Los Cachorros premiere new single ‘Ya Estas Mejor’ [AUDIO]

Carlos Y Los Cachorros released their new single, “Ya Estas Mejor,” a cumbia cover of the hit song “Better Now” by rapper Post Malone on Wednesday (Oct. 18).

CYLC frontman Carlos Rodriguez premiered the new single from the band’s upcoming 13th album and gave Tejano Nation exclusive details on the song.

“We translated the song, you know, we changed it up, and so we decided let’s check it out and try to see what it would sound like as a cumbia,” said Rodriguez. “I wanted to take a hip-hop song, a Post Malone song, and make it into a cumbia. Once I had that idea, I showed it to the guys, the guys fell in love with it and we pushed the gas and said let’s see what we can try and do with this song.”

“Ya Estas Mejor” will be a part of the new album from CYLC expected to be released in January 2019. The album will be the follow-up to the band’s 20/Twenty album released by Discos Solcar in February, celebrating CYLC’s 20th anniversary in the Tejano music industry.

Listen to the full interview and song premiere below.

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