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Newcomer Liz Garcia releases cover of ‘No Te Olvidaré’ from upcoming debut album [AUDIO]

Tejano newcomer Liz Garcia released her latest single, “No Te Olvidaré,” a cover of the classic hit from Mazz.

“I personally love this song and I think I put a lot of feeling in it,” Garcia told Tejano Nation. “Enough to have you feel the song. Although the style is different from it’s original version, I honestly think you will like my version, at least I hope…It has a Norteño/Tejano twist to it.”

This is the latest single from her debut album Había Una VezOnce Upon A Time, scheduled to be released on October 31.

The singer from San Antonio, Texas added that the album’s title tells her story in the music industry, “(It) means that I consider myself a shooting star, came out of nowhere and only God knows where I’m headed in this musical journey and I want people to remember me and always say my story…Había Una Vez…Once Upon A Time…Liz Garcia.”

The album features seven original songs written by Garcia, a collaboration with her sister Imelda Villarreal, a collaboration with Mexican songwriter William Alfaro De Leon and the Mazz cover for a total of 10 songs.  The album was self-funded by Garcia and took two years to complete, with production by Roberto Arista Briones and Tony Terrazas.

Había Una VezOnce Upon A Time is available for pre-order through October 14 via her official Facebook page.

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LISTEN: “No Te Olvidaré” — Liz Garcia




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