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Lucky Joe wraps up new album with special collaboration bonus track

Lucky Joe updated fans via social media on Monday that his fourth album is finished and it includes a special collaboration bonus track.

The singer posted a selfie in the famed Legends Sound Studios at Freddie Records in Corpus Christi with the caption, “I’m officially done with my fourth album! Now it’s time for final mix and mastering! This next album consists of 12 songs with a very special collaboration bonus track. Making it a 13 track album! Keep your eyes and ears open because release is coming VERY SOON!”

Lucky Joe didn’t give any more details on the special collaboration, but his record label, Freddie Records, posted photos on their official Facebook page of Lucky Joe in the studio with Elida Reyna listening to their collaboration.

The new album will be the follow-up to Lucky Joe’s hugely successful El Triunfador, released in December 2016.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Lucky Joe and Elida Reyna in studio




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