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Spotify and Tejano Nation collaborate to feature New Tejano music and artists

Spotify is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with playlists highlighting some of Latin music’s biggest and rising stars within the music industry including a New Tejano playlist, co-curated with Tejano Nation.

“Latin music has an incredibly diverse and storied history with an even brighter future ahead of it,” said a press release from Spotify. “Available today through October 15, the new Hispanic Heritage Month Hub highlights, empowers, and amplifies Latino culture and heritage, as well as celebrates the contributions Latinx artists have made and continue to make to music.”

A new playlist making its debut during Hispanic Heritage month is New Tejano, a collaboration with Tejano Nation, which showcases the new voices in Tejano music today.

“We’re excited to collaborate with the cultural experts at Tejano Nation on this new initiative that will help bring some of the most exciting voices in the Tejano music scene to the forefront and connect them with Spotify users who are passionate about the present and future of the movement,” said Rocio Guerrero, Head of Global Cultures at Spotify.

The New Tejano playlist boasts new music from established Tejano artists like Elida Y Avante, Jay Perez, Stefani Montiel, Los Palominos, and many more. The playlist also features new music from rising stars including Isabel Marie, Veronique Medrano, Stevie D., Devin Banda, LaDezz and more.

“Tejano Nation has always showcased the best in Tejano music and this new collaboration with Spotify takes it global to help more people discover the music of this great culture,” said John Henry Medina, Digital Managing Editor at Tejano Nation. “It will also give great exposure for new Tejano talent as they continue the legacy for Tejano music and culture.

Tejano Nation will co-curate the New Tejano playlist each month, as well as launch more Tejano music playlists including Women of Tejano, co-curated with Veronique Medrano, ConjuntofiedSqueezebox Jams and Tejano Nation Top 20. Follow Tejano Nation on Spotify here.

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