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Tina Mares returns with ‘Todo Mi Amor’ [AUDIO]

Tina Mares released her latest single, “Todo Mi Amor,” written and produced by Gabriel Zavala.

“What an honor to work with such a talented artist and musician,” Mares told Tejano Nation about working with Zavala. “I’m definitely blessed!”

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The danceable cumbia is the second release from the singer since the birth of her baby boy, with musician Billy Silva, in August 2017. It’s the follow-up to “Para Que Lastimarme,” released in October 2017, that featured a different style for Mares and was produced by Eddie Perez.

“Hope this song gets you guys dancing the way it gets me moving,” she added. “Let’s dance!”

“Todo Mi Amor” is available now on all digital music platforms.

LISTEN: “Todo Mi Amor” — Tina Mares





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