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Devin Banda launches ‘Unstoppable’ reality vlog, showcasing her music journey

Devin Banda | Photo by Christine Torres

Singer Devin Banda announced plans to launch her own “Unstoppable” reality vlog (video log) on Tuesday, to give fans a behind the scenes look of the Tejano singer’s music journey. The vlog’s name is the same as the title of her debut album Unstoppable, released in 2017.

The vlog will air weekly beginning this month on Banda’s YouTube channel. It will follow the life and journey of the 23-year-old singer along with her band, family and many friends, as well as musical industry familiar faces.

Banda has proven to be fearless when it comes to creativity and thinking outside the box. Her musical journey has been colorful to say the least. She has battled bullying since the beginning of her career, an obstacle she still takes on to this day.

“Bullying being one of her most important topics which spawned her lead role in the anti-bully festival produced in her honor after posting a heartfelt plea for bullies to understand the damage bullying can do to someone, whom is not as strong as she has to be,” said a press release. “Devin is now helping others to overcome, as well as being a young female artist in what has always been a male dominated industry.”

Her debut album has been a huge success, spawning five radio hits and crossing over into Mexico with radio airplay. She most recently charted on Billboard‘s airplay chart with her latest single, “Un Poquito Mas,” a collaboration with production teams from international artists Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

The “Unstoppable” reality vlog will also feature Banda’s “momager” Yoli Romo, who is no stranger to the business as she cultivates a bright future for her daughter. The vlog will also feature Banda’s brother Maximus, a very charismatic and loving young man and very much the little brother. Banda’s life, music career, faith, work and play will be on display for all to see exactly what this young, newly single, artist faces on a daily basis.

Season one features Banda’s hit song, “Un Poquito Mas,” was a huge success and she has returned to team up with the same teams that produced her hit, including dynamic and brilliant artist Laura Jane Jones, to create her second single to be released soon. Another project, includes a duet for Banda with musical Icon and friend Ricardo Castillon.

Follow Devin Banda on her YouTube channel and Instagram to get the latest details on the “Unstoppable” reality vlog.



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