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Ricardo Castillon working on new album, upcoming La Diferenzia reunion

Ricardo Castillon | Photo by Thomas Vasquez, Tommy Gunz Photograhy

Ricardo Castillon is working on a new album and will be reuniting with a few members of La Diferenzia during an upcoming Midwest tour, according to a recent interview.

Castillon shared details on new music and much more with Tejano Concerts TV host Hector Rodriguez after a recent performance in Houston, Texas on August 11.

“I’m actually recording an album with Mario Ortiz,” said Castillon. “He started his own independent record label and I’m actually in the studio finishing up an album right now. I’m really excited about this album coming out. The majority of all the songs, I wrote.  This album has a lot of me, my experiences, my life.”

This will be first album for Castillon since the release of “All For You” in 2013, also produced by Mario Ortiz.

Castillon added there will be a La Diferenzia reunion during an upcoming Midwest tour in October.

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WATCH: Ricardo Castillon on Tejano Concerts TV




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