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Fito Olivares and band suffer minor injuries after serious auto accident [PHOTOS]

Fito Olivares and members of his band, La Pura Sabrosura, suffered minor scrapes and bruises after they were involved in a serious auto accident on their way to a performance in Brownsville, Texas on July 6.

The Houston-based band were scheduled for a show in Brownsville on Friday night, when the van they were traveling in was involved in a head-on collision near Robstown, Texas.

Rudy Olivares, son of Fito Olivares and the band’s drummer, shared details of the accident via his Facebook page a day after the accident.

The band were able to make their scheduled performance in Brownsville as Rudy Olivares said, “Show must go on right?”

Fito Olivares y La Pura Sabrosura began in 1980 in Houston with the release of the first album Mi Profesión.

With his brothers, Javier and Jaime, and his brother-in-law Jacinto Treviño, Fito created a unique style of Cumbia that he’s maintained throughout his career, releasing many hit albums and songs.

His biggest hit, “Juana La Cubana,” was nominated for Lo Nuestro Awards, and his next hit, “El Colesterol,” won an ASCAP award in 1996 for best song in the Regional Mexican category.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Fito Olivares suffers minor injuries in serious auto accident

1 comment on “Fito Olivares and band suffer minor injuries after serious auto accident [PHOTOS]

  1. Maria Sanchez

    So happy everyone is doing well. If it was caused by a drunk drive the police need to start pull people randomly at night to to see if they are not driving with alcohol in their system. Praise God almighty.


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