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La Preferencia covers ‘A Medias de la Noche’ ft. Andie Bustamante for upcoming album [AUDIO]

La Preferencia released a cover of “A Medias de la Noche” featuring Andie Bustamante for the second single from the group’s upcoming album Simplemente Mariano from BocaMar Records.

The track, written many years ago by Guillermo Acosta Segura and Antonio Aguilar, has become a favorite for many Tejano fans. It has been recorded by many other artists and deals with love, which is the universal language of many Latin songs.

La Preferencia’s production was done by Joe Leal Jr. and Mariano Bocanegra at MP Recording and was arranged as a ranchera, promising to be a great danceable song. The song features the musical style of the band, offering fans a mixture of the bajo quinto, accordion and keyboard combinations, which creates a true Tejano sound.

It also features the talent of aspiring female vocalist Andie Bustamante. The singer from Zapata, Texas has been involved in a wide range of personal musical endeavors in the Rio Grande Valley and plays the accordion and violin.

“A Medias de la Noche” is available now at all major digital platforms and will be a part of La Preferencia’s upcoming album, Simplemente Mariano, set for release in the early fall of 2018.

Learn more about La Preferencia at their official Facebook page, @LaPreferencia91, or for bookings contact Boca Mar Entertainment at (956) 451-0756.

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LISTEN: “A Medias de la Noche” — La Preferencia featuring Andie Bustamante



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