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Grupo Anaya features fusion of sounds for ‘Iniciando Tejunto’ album

Grupo Anaya released their new album Inciando Tejunto recently on Freddie Records and it features the band’s unique fusion of Tejano and Conjunto.

The album’s lead single “Te Quiero Ver,” released in March, is about how much love someone has for the love of their life. It was written by band member Mike Flores, who says he was inspired by his wife for the song.

“I was truck driving and started getting away from home a lot and I started missing her so much,” Flores told Tejano Nation radio affiliate Tejano 1600 during a recent interview before a show in Tucson, Arizona. “It came pretty natural while I’m ridin’ around the road…just talking from the heart.”

The 12 song disc released on May 18, blends different sounds according band member Ruben Madrigal in an interview with Tejano 1600.

“This album has a blend of different musical backgrounds that we really enjoy playing,” he said. “We would play around with the word ‘Tejunto’, so we had kind of blended Tejano and Conjunto together. We got a lot of different songs with different styles. It’s actually kind of our own genre that we’re actually creating, something very special.”

Iniciando Tejunto is available now at FreddieStore.com and all major digital platforms.

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WATCH: “Te Quiero Ver” — Grupo Anaya




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