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Isabel Marie reveals band name with live concert DVD release [VIDEO]

Young singing sensation Isabel Marie revealed the name of her band at the same time unveiling her highly-anticipated live concert DVD, Isabel Marie and the Vibe Live In Concert.

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The 15-year-old singer took to her Facebook page to give fans a first glimpse of the DVD on Thursday night.

“This is the first time we’re telling anybody the (band) name, I’m so excited,” said Isabel Marie.

She also introduced a few members of The Vibe as she unveiled the DVD from a box showcasing the cover.

“We’re so excited,” added Isabel Marie. “I want to thank you guys for all your support.”

The DVD recorded at Q Productions studios in Corpus Christi features a total of 11 songs from her first two albums, her debut album New Girl In Town and the follow-up Sígueme.  It is available now for $10.00 at Q-Productions.com.

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WATCH: Isabel Marie reveals band name and live concert DVD

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