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David Lee Rodriquez drops debut single ‘Hasta Mañana’ [AUDIO]

David Lee Rodriquez released his first major debut single, “Hasta Mañana” under the VMB Music Group label on May 4.

This smooth cumbia, written by Enrique Gallegos-Campos, featuring the smooth vocals of Rodriquez and a powerful arrangement by 14-time Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winning producer Gilbert Velasquez.

“It is a song about the pain and desperation of wanting to see the one you love and having to wait, what seems like a lifetime, to see that person,” Rodriquez told Tejano Nation.

Rodriquez is the former bassist for Algo Simple and spent time as the primary bassist for multi-award winning artist Ernestine Romero. He also assisted bands in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico area, including some of the state’s award winning artists, such as multi-award winning artist Gonzalo, Al Hurricane Jr, and the legendary Roberto Griego.

Rodriquez is currently working on his debut solo album with plans for a release for summer 2018. Stay up to date with David Lee Rodriquez on Facebook and follow him on Instagram.

LISTEN: “Hasta Mañana” — David Lee Rodriquez


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