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La Preferencia returns with ‘Lo Que Paso’ from upcoming album [AUDIO]

Mariano Y La Preferencia has returned with a new single “Lo Que Paso” from the band’s upcoming album.

BocaMar Records announced on Monday, the song will be compiled with other original tracks and cover songs for the new album, Simplemente Mariano, with a release date set for early fall.
“LQue Paso” was written by Irene Salinas Caballero and the ranchera promises to be a very danceable tune with an orchestral style. It talks about a past love and of what could have been, but it did not happen. The official release date at all digital formats is scheduled for May 8, 2018.  The song, although penned by Salinas Caballero, was arranged in the original sound of the band, which has continued for many years.
The upcoming album, Simplemente Marianois beinproduced by Roger Peña, Joe Leal, Jr. and Bocanegra at BocMusic Group. It’s recorded by Bocanegra, featuring musical arrangements and drums by Peña, with song editing and mastering by Leal.
“Our goal is to continue to provide the industry with great music whether iis original or cover,” La Preferencia said in a press release. “All created with a unique blend of Tejano, Pop and Soul in their arrangements. Future songs in the album will be original. Our suggestion to all music lovers is never let anyone control your dreams and most importantly stay humble and true to your beginnings.”
Learn more about La Preferencia at their official Facebook Page  or for bookings at BocaMar Entertainment at (956) 451-0756.
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LISTEN: “Lo Que Paso” — La Preferencia

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