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Alex Ramirez dishes on Kumbia Kings reunion at Pa’l Norte Festival [VIDEO]

Los Kumbia Kings teamed up with Pee Wee to give fans a surprise performance at Pa’l Norte Festival in Monterrey, Mexico on April 20.  The festival plays host to major names every year and a Kumbia Kings reunion was surely a thrill for festival-goers.

Kumbia Kings member Alex Ramirez gave Tejano Nation’s Vanessa Torres details on the reunion.

“Kumbia Kings are doing very well in Mexico right now,” said Ramirez. “Once they (festival organizers) got it all put together…we got together for the fans.”

Many don’t know that the appearance by Pee Wee wasn’t planned by the group, but by festival organizers.

“He came out with us, which made the Kumbia Kings surprise even bigger,” Ramirez said. “That hadn’t been done in a while, to share the stage, I think it was over seven years or eight years. It was a huge surprise, it was a huge event and we had a lot of fun!”

Los Kumbia Kings are currently touring Mexico, but as of yet there are not any confirmed dates in the United States.

“I can tell you that it will happen, that it’s going to happen,” said Ramirez. “Kumbia Kings are full of surprises.”

Many of the former Kumbia Kings members are currently working on music projects. DJ Kane and Frankie J are working on a couple of collaborations. Pee Wee is releasing new music soon. Kingz 1 have just released a new single, “Ya No Recuerdo.”

Ramirez confirms that Kumbia Kings are looking to drop new music in the future, “Just because we’re doing our own individual things doesn’t mean we’re going to move away from Kumbia Kings. We do have plans for new music later on.”

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