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Frankie J to collaborate with DJ Kane for two songs on upcoming project [VIDEO]

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Latin pop star Frankie J is set to collaborate with DJ Kane for two songs on an upcoming project.

Frankie J gave Tejano Nation details on the upcoming collaborations with his former Kumbia Kings bandmate in a backstage interview at the VMB Music Group Showcase in San Antonio on March 15.

“Now that we’re both on our solo journeys, we decided to get back together after almost 14 years,” Frankie J told Tejano Nation. “We finally got together, it was his idea, he called me and, of course, I said yes.”

The duo have been working on two new songs for DJ Kane’s upcoming album.

“I can’t wait for you guys to hear it,” Frankie J added. “We were in the studio last night, writing and recording the songs together. You guys are going to hear our voices together, not only in one song, but in two songs!”

The crooner had success on his recent collaboration with Grupo Vision for the single, “Con La Mirada Que Me Das,” a Spanish cover of the 2007 hit song, “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” from pop rock band the Jonas Brothers.

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“It was an idea of mine,” said Frankie J. “I presented the song to them, they fell in love with the song, went ahead an recorded it here in San Antonio, which was very special for the both of us.”

Frankie J added that he has started his own record label, Future Glory Entertainment, and signed his first artist Raymor.

“You guys are going to be very, very impressed with what you guys are going to hear,” he said. “I’m excited to be able to give you guys some new music, new ventures and a lot more surprises.”

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WATCH: Frankie J on DJ Kane collaborations and more




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