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Joe Bravo shares graphic photo after multiple bypass heart surgery

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Joe Bravo is recovering slowly after multiple bypass heart surgery on March 26 and the Tejano music legend shared a graphic after surgery photo to fans via social media on Thursday.

The 75-year-old crooner posted a photo on his Facebook page that showed stitches and clear bandage on his chest with the caption, “This is what an 8 bypass surgery looks like…but thank God I’m going to make it n get going again.”

Joe J Bravo | Facebook

The singer’s surgery went well, according to his daughter Lisa Dorantes, who posted an update on his health status via her Facebook page the day after surgery, “He is a lot more alert today. Spent a good part of the day sitting up in his chair. Hasn’t had any solids yet still very nauseous. Most of the tubes are out. Kidneys are acting up a little but are under control. Need him to be a little less dependent on the oxygen but all in all he is recovering slowly but surely.”

Bravo performed as scheduled at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair on March 16, but the singer had to end a performance early at a San Antonio night club on March 17.  The singer shared details of that night via Facebook.

“Buenos Dias raza…to everybody who was concerned about what happened to me Saturday night at Angel’s Sport Bar I’m doing a whole lot better. To the nurse n EMS that did a terrific job bringing me bk to life thank you. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to finish the night..hopefully next time.”

A few days later, Bravo shared more information about his health status.

“Qvo Locos…what I NEVER thought would never happen to me has happened…I will be having from 5-6 bypass in the morning. That’s how bad My Dr. Says things are. All I can do is just leave it in God’s hands.”

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The legendary singer has been entertaining fans for over 5 decades. He recently released a new single, “Dolores,” produced by Grammy Award winner Hugo Guerrero and the comeback track features an all-star team of musicians, including Frankie Caballero on the accordion with Al Gomez on trumpet.

Tejano Nation will keep you updated on the latest health status on Bravo as more information becomes available. Follow Tejano Nation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram@TejanoNation, for the latest Tejano music, news and entertainment.

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