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Los Desperadoz sign with VMB Music Group, plan new album for Summer 2018

Los Desperadoz have signed with VMB Music Group as the legendary band have released a new single and expect a new album to be released early this summer.

Tejano Nation caught up with Los Desperadoz backstage of VMB Music Group’s Fan Fair Kickoff show at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas on March 15 and the band gave details on their exciting news.

“We’re very excited about it,” Mike Villarreal told Tejano Nation. “We have a brand new single out on the radio, it’s called ‘Anhelo’, featuring Eric Lee Villarreal, the newest member of Los Desperadoz, be looking out for newest CD coming out here shortly.”

Lee Villarreal added details on the upcoming album, “We have a deadline. The deadline is going to be sometime in early summer, so we’re actually starting to get material right now and their putting a little fire to our butts and we’re going to finish it as quickly as we can.”

Los Desperadoz have spent over 30 years in the Tejano music industry. Three generations of the Villarreal family have added their unique contributions to the texture of Tejano music since the 1950s, with Los Hermanos Villarreal to today’s band Los Desperadoz featuring brothers Mike, Lee and PJ, and now with the addition of Lee’s son Eric Lee as vocalist.

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WATCH: Los Desperadoz on signing with VMB Music Group




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