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Album Review: La Fiebre heat up the ‘Fiesta’ with latest album

The anticipation for La Fiebre’s Fiesta has finally reached its end, now that Freddie Records has released their new album.

The recent release of the first single and video, “La Fiesta,” provided fans with a taste of what was to come. A sexy, reggae-tinged cumbia, “La Fiesta” has everything from amazing percussion to soaring trumpets to lyrics that allow a crowd to join in when La Fiebre is tearing it up live.

The second single, “Soy Tejano,” is a timely anthem about Mexican-American pride that stirs the heart. Introduced by a rock instrumental, “The Unknown,” is a ranchera that showcases the Fiebre trumpets and the acordeon playing of Julian Gonzalez. It’s already a favorite among fans and radio DJs will surely have it on regular rotation.

The rest of the album is trademark La Fiebre–the powerful horns of Luis Ayala and Jonas Flores backed by the rock-influenced guitar and bass of Rudy Rocha and Joe Reynosa. Along with the solid vocals of J. Angel Cantu, La Fiebre’s line-up continually electrifies fans across the country with set-lists that still include the golden oldies, such as “Borracho de Besos,” “Aquel Cariño,” and, well, you know the rest.

Fiesta is a mix of styles, from heart-thumping rancheras to the hip-moving cumbias to the ballads that put them on the map.

Among the cumbias are “Esa Mujer,” “Soledad,” “Éxtasis,” and “No Será Fácil,” which offer up thumping beats and memorable lyrics for all to enjoy. Not surprisingly, La Fiebre still offers the Tejano equivalent of power ballads, and “Nuestra Aventura” and “Mía” will set a crowd on fire.

But it’s La Fiebre’s signature rancheras, driven by powerful horns, that will keep the listener’s toes tapping. Whether it’s tunes powered by trumpets, as in “Corazón Que Sufre” and “Es Lo Que Quiero De Ti,” or Ayala’s soulful sax stylings in “Qué Te Pasó,” La Fiebre’s Fiesta will keep you dancing and partying. A personal favorite, though, will be the acordeon-led break-up tune “Karma” and if you’re anything like me after a break-up, you’ll enjoy it, too.

Fiesta is available at your favorite record store, downloadable through your favorite music site and Get your copy today! And if they show up to your town, check out their live show!

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