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La 45 releases debut single ‘Soledad Y El Mar’ [AUDIO]

After months of anticipation, LA 45 have released “Soledad y el Mar,” the lead single from the San Antonio-based Chicano band’s forthcoming debut album.

Recorded at Blue Cat Studios in the heart of the Alamo city, the track is a cover of the 2017 release of the same name from international recording artist, Natalia LaFourcade. In LA 45’s arrangement of “Soledad y el Mar” you can hear the millennial groups heavy jazz and 1970’s Chicano music influences come through as they rejuvenate a sound and style that has long been away from the mainstream of Tejano music.

“I love the original version of this song, as soon as I heard it, I thought it would make a great Tejano song,” La 45 frontman Mike Torres III told Tejano Nation. “I had no idea that we could make it sound as amazing as I think it sounds now, but I knew we could do well with it. Some of our favorite songs from any era in Tejano Music, are songs that are covers from the mainstream Mexican or American markets that Tejanos have done in their own style. Mazz, Little Joe, Selena,…the list goes on and on. I feel that ‘Soledad y el Mar’ is such a great song, no matter what style you do it in, you could have a hit!”

The release of the single comes just weeks after announcements of their inclusion in two of the biggest Tejano events of the year, Fiesta de la Flor (April, Corpus Christi, TX), and Vegas Tejano Week at the Rio Casino (August, Las Vegas, NV), in addition to numerous tour dates throughout the southwest, west coast, and Texas, including a sold out show in their hometown of San Antonio with The Latin Breed.

Since their debut performance at the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, LA 45 have been impressing music lovers of all ages with their high energy performances, superior musicianship, and ability to fuse the past and the present together while presenting an unforgettable show. Preserving the dying art of Chicano music with every performance, LA 45 carries on the tradition of Mexican American music pioneered in the 1960’s and 70’s, and has become its standard bearer for the millennial generation.

No released date set for La 45’s debut album, but fans can sign up for all the latest updates on La45 at their official website,

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LISTEN: “Soledad y el Mar” — La 45



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