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Intocable pays tribute to three members killed in 1999 auto accident

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Intocable took to Facebook on Wednesday to pay tribute to three members of the group that were killed in an auto accident 19 years ago.

“Time passes and we continue to miss them as if it had been yesterday, we have them on our minds always, thank you for letting us be part of your story and we continue to write this story together Jose Angel Gonzalez, Silvestre Rodriguez and Jose Angel Farias,” the band posted on their official Facebook page.

On January 31, 1999, Intocable was traveling to a performance in Monterrey, Mexico, from their hometown of Zapata, Texas, according to a report.  The vehicle’s tire had a blowout, it skidded off the highway at a high rate of speed in northern Mexico and crashed, killing Farias, Rodriguez, and tour manager Gonzalez.  The four other band members were also injured in the accident.

After a six-month layoff, Intocable toured successfully behind the comeback album Contigo (With You), whose first single was entitled “El Amigo Que Se Fue” (The Friend That Has Left), a tribute song to the fallen band members.

Intocable continues to tour and release successful albums, including their latest, Highway, which debuted on the top spot on the Billboard Latin and Regional Mexican album charts after it’s release in 2016.






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