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Genyva drops lead single “Perdón Perdón” from upcoming album [AUDIO]

Genyva at La Reina De La Cancion auditions in 2016. | Facebook photo

Genyva has returned with her latest single “Perdón Perdón,” it’s the first release from her upcoming album Eternamente Tuya.

“With this song I hope to inspire valor in those that keep themselves in toxic relationships,” Genyva told Tejano Nation. “We deserve fidelity and it’s not okay to look the other way in fear of being alone. So, it’s time to take a stand and be happy no longer seeking a rainbow in a cloudy sky of sadness. We don’t have to settle all you need in God and time to find your true Prince Charming.”

Genyva plans to release an official music video for “Perdón Perdón” in mid-February and a new album soon.

“We decided to take a risk and make this album a bit more edgy, boundary pushing and filled with intoxicating melodies that will leave you wanting more of Genyva Y Addictzion,” said a press release. “Her vocal range sends chills down your spine and leaves listeners captivated with heartfelt emotions.”

The 2009 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female nominee made a comeback with the release of her last album Mujer De Palabra in June 2016. The singer spent five years away from music battling cancer and injuries suffered in a car accident.

Learn more about Genyva at her official website

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LISTEN: “Perdón Perdón” — Genyva




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