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Sarah Monique releases new song and music video ‘Esta Noche Te Olvido’


Sarah Monique has released her latest single and music video for “Esta Noche Te Olvido” on Wednesday (Jan. 17).

The new single, a mix of mariachi and Norteño, was written by multiple Latin Grammy nominee songwriters Gerardo Alvarez and Miguel A. Lopez.

“My main goal and focus for this song was for people, women especially, to know they weren’t the only going through something like this,” Sarah Monique said. “I wanted them to feel the pain they went through for the last time and help them get their strength back. I would like for this song to be an anthem they can raise their glass to and forget and close their chapter too.”

This is the second single and music video released with Mar Records after Sarah Monique signed with the record label in August 2017.  She released “Que Esperabas” a few days later with the official music video released in September.

Sarah Monique released her debut album, Un Sueño Realidad, in 2013 and her cover of the Laura Canales classic, “Si Vivi Contigo” was especially popular, hitting #1 on a variety of Tejano radio stations from Texas to Washington state.  The album garnered her a Tejano Music Awards nomination for Best New Female in 2014. In 2016, her newest sensation, “Volar” featuring Aisha, hit #1 on several radio stations and was released to show the public what would be featured in her new album Regresa.

“Esta Noche Te Olvido” will be available at all major digital platforms soon.

WATCH: “Esta Noche Te Olvido”




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