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Grupo Respeto releases ‘Cerca De Mi’ from debut album


Rising Tejano band Grupo Respeto have released the latest single, “Cerca De Mi,” from their debut album Nuestro Tiempo.

The track was written and produced by Respeto frontman Ramiro “Spuds” Ponce.

“I want people to hear the lyrics and understand the way the song is set,” Ponce told Tejano Nation. “The wanting of love is strong in this song. The guy would do anything to show and prove his love for this woman, he watches her sleep and lights candles for her dreams and watching her awake is like watching a flower blossom.”

An official music video, directed by Ryan Bazan, is planned for release soon and it will have a strong message behind it.

“Both Ryan Bazan and myself spent a lot of time on the storyline to make people realize just how precious love is,” Ponce said. “I want people to take away from this song that never take love for granted, always let your loved ones know you love them because tomorrow is never promised.”

“Cerca De Mi” and the Grupo Respeto’s debut album, Nuestro Tiempo, is available for purchase from their official website

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LISTEN: “Cerca De Mi” — Grupo Respeto



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