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Marisa Rose Mejia releases official music video for debut single ‘Vueltas Y Vueltas’

Marisa Rose Mejia | Photo by Mariaelena Arocha

Tejano newcomer Marisa Rose Mejia has released the official music video for her debut single “Vueltas Y Vueltas.”

The visual for the debut single from the 12-year-old singer and songwriter features Marisa Rose dancing and singing on stage throughout the music video.

Born and raised in the Tejano capital, San Antonio, Texas, Marisa Rose is an upcoming singing sensation. The aspiring musician, singer, and songwriter enjoys singing all genres of music in both Spanish and English, and has been inspired by famous artists such as Selena Quintanilla, Juan Gabriel, Rocío Dúrcal, Lola Beltrán, and Adele. She also plays the guitar and violin. She is a member of the Network for Young Artists, where she has had countless opportunities to perform all over San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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WATCH: “Vueltas Y Vueltas” — Marisa Rose Mejia





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