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Oscar G recovering after being hospitalized in auto accident

Oscar G | Facebook photo

Legendary Tejano singer Oscar G was hospitalized on Thursday night after being involved in an accident in his hometown of Eagle Pass, Texas.

The vocalist posted a photo on his personal Facebook page on Thursday night of himself in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace with the caption, “Please pray for me family and fb friends.”

A source close to the singer confirmed that he is in stable condition, but no other details were available.

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Oscar G was a former vocalist for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, eventually fronting his own band Oscar G Y Grupo Sol since the early 1990’s producing many hits and albums.

Tejano Nation will have more details on Oscar G’s status as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Oscar G posted the details about the accident and his condition via Facebook on Friday morning.

“I want to thank everyone for your prayers. Last night around 7:30 PM I had an accident. I am so thankful for God being with me, watching over me, protecting me. Thank God that the other driver is ok. I was rushed to the hospital, had x-rays and am happy to say I’m ok, just banged-up. I get to see my family, friends again. I get to see another Christmas! Gracias Dios!!!!! En tus manos pongo mi vida!!! Life is too short my friends, I almost lost mine……once again thank you for your prayers from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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