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Intocable’s Ricky Muñoz to produce more music for Siggno

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After the success of “Que Me Amas”, the latest single from Siggno produced by Ricky Muñoz, the Intocable frontman will now produce a couple of more songs for Siggno.

Siggno’s Jesse Turner gave details on the upcoming collaborations during an interview with Tejano Nation Radio affiliate KXTN 107.5 on November 30.

“He was so excited about it, we were so excited about it,” Turner said. “He said, ‘Hey, I got your second song’. So, he sent us the second song and the second song was written by Louie Padilla. I really think that second song is going to take us to another level. If you thought ‘Que Me Amas’ was awesome, I can’t wait til the next single, but that’s not coming out til next year, after we finish this album.”

Turner added that Siggno is currently finishing up their next album and Muñoz could produce even more songs for Siggno.

“We’re about to finish 16 songs for the new album and once we’re done finishing those 16 songs, they’re probably going to give us an extra four songs.” Turner said. “He sent me a third and a fourth song…after we’re done with these 16 songs and we’re going back into the studio and doing a total of another two songs.”

Siggno will be headling Fiesta Navideña at La Villita’s Maverick Plaza in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, December 19, 2017. Other artists scheduled to perform include Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso, Devin Banda, Chiquis Rivera, and Frankie J with special guest Baby Bash.  Tickets are available at MyTickeGenius.com.

LISTEN: Siggno Interview on KXTN 107.5

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