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La Fiebre releases lead single ‘La Fiesta’ from upcoming album [AUDIO]


Freddie Records released the new single from La Fiebre, “La Fiesta,” on Thursday (Oct. 26).  The track is the lead single from the band’s upcoming album Fiesta, scheduled for release in December.

“La Fiesta” is a fiery cumbia featuring La Fiebre’s trademark horn and guitar riffs capped off by an incredible vocal performance. With its outstanding production and hooky chorus, “La Fiesta” promises to keep diehard La Fiebre fans partying and singing at the top of their lungs.

The track was co-written by original band members and co-founders Rudy Rocha, Joe Angel Reynosa and Luis Ayala, along with vocalist Angel Cantu, and recording engineer Mariano Herrera.

The band plans to shoot the official music video for the single later this month with a projected released in mid-November.

After nearly 30 years, La Fiebre continues to tour throughout the United States and Mexico. The band has one of the most dedicated and loyal fan base on any Tejano act.

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LISTEN: “La Fiesta” — La Fiebre




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