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Los Musicales lead vocalist Cezar Martinez plans run for Robstown City Council

Cezar Martinez | Facebook photo

Cezar Martinez, the lead vocalist for legendary Tejano band David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, has decided to run for City Council in his hometown of Robstown, Texas.

The 25-year-old singer announced his candidacy via his personal Facebook page on August 27.

“I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce my candidacy for Robstown City Council Place 5.” he wrote. “As a life long citizen of this wonderful city, I have seen first hand the struggles that our families deal with in our community. No matter what socio economic class you come from, when you talk to residents or business owners; the biggest complaint you hear is our utility and tax rates.”

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“I have seen many elections where candidates promise one thing or another in order to gain your vote without producing results for what was promised,” he continued. “I ask for your support to help me solve these issues that truly effect you and your family in order to make this city an even better place to live.”

The singer ran for a place on the City of Robstown Utility System Board of Trustees in 2016, but didn’t win.

Martinez has been lead vocalist for Los Musicales since Thanksgiving of 2014. He is the featured vocalist on the band’s 27th studio album, 2715, released in March 2015, as well as their latest album, Una Noche a Tu Lado, released June 2016.

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