Photos show touching moment when Flaco Jimenez reunites with father’s accordion

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Flaco Jimenez | Photo credit: Mariaelena Arocha

A touching moment of music legend Flaco Jimenez reuniting with one of his father’s accordions was caught on camera and shared via social media.  His father was legendary accordionist Don Santiago Jimenez, Sr.

Roger Arocha shared the photos on his Facebook page after the singer and accordionist had taken his accordion to be fixed by Jimenez. The photos were captured by photographer Mariaelena Rocha.

“A reed was broke on my red Corona II accordion so of course I take it to my friend Flaco to fix,” Arocha wrote. “I brought as well the accordion that was given to me by Flaco’s father Don Santiago Jimenez Sr., so Flaco could see it. As he stared at it quietly, he put it on and said ‘I’m touching my father’s fingers’.  I had to look away because this moment was by far the very best in my life. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw his fathers accordion. Pictures speak louder than words.”


According to, Don Santiago was the visionary member of an accordion-crazy family and has received practically all the credit for mixing the ranchera songs of Northern Mexico with a snappy German polka beat and accordion styles. His sons, Flaco and Santiago Jr., made grand names for themselves as accordion players. Flaco as a leading firebrand of Norteño or Conjunto music and Santiago Jr. carrying on with the more traditional sounds of his father.

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