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Conjunto musician Hector Gonzalez hospitalized with diabetes complications

Hector Gonzalez | Photo by RoRo

Singer-songwriter and accordionist Hector Gonzalez of Conjunto X2G remains in the ICU, two days after he was hospitalized for complications from diabetes on Monday.

News of Gonzalez’s hospitalization came via a Facebook post from his fiancée Rocio “RoRo” Velazquez late Monday night, “I just wanted to let you know that Hector is in the hospital in ICU due to his diabetes, he has some complications. He is reacting very well to the treatment he is under. He will be here for few days.”

Gonzalez later updated his fans via Facebook early Tuesday morning, “Still in MICU, but doing way better. Should be out by the end of the week! Keep me in your prayers.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Velazquez gave an update on the musician’s status, “Still in ICU and he is doing a bit better. The treatment is working slowly but thank God is working.”

The latest update on Gonzalez by Velazquez early Wednesday morning says, “Hector is well…recovering little by little…They will keep him here several days, until he’s stable.”

Gonzalez is known for his traditional Conjunto music, but he has also experimented with Tejano, Norteño, Gospel and many genres of Latin music.

In 2014, the singer and musician joined Los Dos Gilbertos as an accordion player and second voice.

“I remember the day he called me and asked if I could help him on accordion! It is a privilege to have been chosen by Gilberto himself,” Gonzalez said about the experience. “I thank God everyday for giving me the honor, and the ability to work with such an accomplished artist like Gilberto Garcia!”

After the passing of Gilberto Garcia in September 2015, Gonzalez and Ruben Garza continued the tradition of Los Dos Gilbertos’ music with two albums, Porque Nosotros No and Tribute Vol. 1, a tribute to Gilberto Garcia and Ruben Vela.

In October 2016, Gonzalez formed Conjunto X2G and released the band’s debut album, Que Siga La Tradición, in February 2017.

We’ll keep you updated on Gonzalez status as more information becomes available. Follow Tejano Nation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram@TejanoNation, for the latest Tejano music, news and entertainment.


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