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Michael Salgado collapses during concert in New Mexico [VIDEO]

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Michael Salgado collapsed on stage during a performance at a concert in Carlsbad, New Mexico on Saturday night (Aug. 26).

The two-time Latin Grammy winner was nearing the end of his performance at the San Jose Catholic Church Family Affair when he lost his balance and fell, according to an eyewitness.

Spectator Sally Tavarez posted about the incident on Facebook, along with video after Salgado had collapsed.

“He was playing his last song of the night, we saw him lose his balance and he went down,” Tavarez wrote. “Paramedics arrived on scene they checked him out, but was moved from stage to bus. He looked okay but had to be helped down off stage. Many onlookers told the family and crew that Artesia NM would be best to take him if he needed to get checked out.”

Tejano Nation reached out to Salgado’s publicist for his latest condition and will have the latest information as it becomes available.

Salgado had just returned to the road this weekend after undergoing a surgical procedure to “clean up his vocal cords” on August 8.

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WATCH: Michael Salgado is helped to tour bus my medical personnel


2 comments on “Michael Salgado collapses during concert in New Mexico [VIDEO]

  1. Hope he feels better God bless Michael.


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