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Aisha finds love again with new single ‘Me Llena De Amor’ [AUDIO]


Aisha finds love again with her new single “Me Llena De Amor” released on Thursday.

“This song is dear to my heart because it talks about losing a love,” Aisha told Tejano Nation about the new single. “In my case my first love passed away, than I was lost, than love found me again and it talks about how happy he makes me feel.”

The track was written and produced by award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala.

“I had spoke to Gabe about my past and you never know when someone’s actually listening,” she said. “So when he sent me this song, I thought to myself he wrote this for me! This is me! I cried and I was so amazed with his work expressing MY feelings in words, without going into too much detail of the tragedy, it’s a happy song.”

“Me Llena De Amor” will be a part of Aisha’s upcoming album and will be available at all digital platforms soon.

“I hope everyone will enjoy this next single…as much as I do,” Aisha added. “Thanks so much for everybody’s continuous support. Thanks to Gabriel Zavala for always helping me bring my visions to life.”

LISTEN: “Me Llena De Amor” – Aisha


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