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La 45 talks about their sound, upcoming debut album [VIDEO]

La 45 is the next generation of Chicano music as the band pumps young blood and energy into the tradition of the Tejano Orquesta.

Tejano Nation caught up with the band, who recently signed with VMB Music Group, at the Tejano Palooza in San Antonio, Texas on July 30. ┬áVocalist and guitarist Mike Torres III told Tejano Nation contributor Mingo Mariano what to expect from the band’s upcoming debut album and more after the band’s performance.

“We really try to stick to the Chicano sound,” Torres said. “We have a five piece horn section – two trumpets, two sax and a trombone – and we’re huge fans of Little Joe, Latin Breed, Royal Jesters, all the bands from the 70s. We’re trying to do something that incorporates all that and still brings us into today and give us kind of that newer sound too.”

La 45 plans to released their debut album in October.

Learn more about La 45 at their official website

WATCH: La 45 performs “Mienteme”, a tribute to Jimmy Edward


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