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Lucy pays homage to late father in ‘Descansa’ [AUDIO]


Singer and songwriter Lucy pays homage to her late father in her latest single “Descansa.”

One year in the making, “Descansa” was written by Chris Viveros and co-written by Lucy, as an homage to her late Father (renowned Texas photographer-to-the-stars), Raúl Rodriguez, whom she says opened doors for her career in the music industry.

In the 1960’s, Mr. Rodriguez (also known as “Mr. R&R”) pioneered the first color photo processor in South Texas and, before retiring, his labs included high-tech video production, serving the industrial and music industry, among others.


While this production is a personal dedication to her late father, Lucy prefers to offer this song as an anthem for all fathers that have left their legacy within their bereaved children.

The track, which was produced by Lorenzo Banda, will be included in Lucy’s much-anticipated album, which is slated to be released the second week of September.

LISTEN: “Descansa” — Lucy

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