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Stevie D. hits Tejano by storm with ‘Como Fue’ release [AUDIO]

Stevie D. is classic, bold Tejano sound with something fresh and new.

“So good it should be on an eight track,” he says.

His musical beginnings started at the age of 11, playing the guitar at his local church in Brownsville, Texas.

At the age of 19, Stevie served his country in the Navy during Desert Storm. He always felt the passion for Tejano music during this time. He was honorably discharged in 1991 and returned to Brownsville, where his love for music reconnected and he joined a local cover band, where they would play at weddings and quinceneras.

This kicked in his enthusiasm to do more in the industry. The next local band, Rio Express, Stevie D sang for two years, then moving onto a new cover band, the Texas Shooters, from the Rio Grande Valley.

Singles with Lorenzo Lopez, brother of Joe Lopez, and Brando Mireles were recorded, but were never released.

Stevie D. joined Joe Lopez Y La Nueva Imagen Mazz, after the breakup of Lopez and Jimmy Gonzalez. Stevie began his vocal interests, while he was working as a road manager for Joe Lopez. Soon he made his way beside Joe Lopez as a back up vocalist. Memories were made and a great fan base was established. July 4, 2003 was Stevie’s last performance with Joe Lopez Y La Nueva Imagen Mazz.  After a 15 year lapse from the Tejano industry, Stevie reunited with La Nueva Imagen and former members of the Joe Lopez era group.

Stevie’s persistence drove him to contact Brando Mireles and they both agreed they wanted something new, but still carry on the classic Tejano sound.

“Como Fue” is a classic, smooth jazzy ranchera and the lead single from Stevie D.’s album to be released this fall. Mireles and Stevie D produced the track, with 14-time Grammy Award winner Gilbert Velasquez joining the arrangement, along with his guitar and mixing skills. Grammy winner Chente Barrera on drums, Val Maltos on the sax and Brando Mireles on the keyboards.

Follow Stevie D on his official Facebook page, @StevieDRecords.

LISTEN: “Como Fue” — Stevie D.


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