Javier Galvan ministry trailer filled with donations stolen

A trailer full of donations that belongs to a San Antonio ministry owned by former Fama singer Javier Galvan was stolen early Friday.

“It kind of startled me because I said, ‘Wait a minute, was the trailer there?’ Well it was there, but no more,” Galvan told KSAT 12.

Galvan Ministries helps kids across Texas get a head start with school supplies and other items and Galvan is now offering a $500 reward for information on the theft.

“As I was on the radio this morning telling my audience what happened, I felt violated. I felt like, not so much, disappointed more than anything,” said Galvan told KENS 5. “Six bikes, including a little motorcycle, a scooter, and things like that, for back to school events, and then we had some backpacks, the backpacks that we give out.”

Galvan believes the trailer was stolen between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Friday morning. He has security cameras, but they were turned off for home renovations.

“It’s a great impact on our ministry because everything that we depend on for these events was in there,” Galvan said.

Aside from a sound system, Galvan says the trailer was filled with backpacks, school supplies and even a couple of bikes they planned to give to needy kids around the state.

The trailer is unique and hopes sharing images of it will help get it returned. He’s offering a $500 reward and a large amount of forgiveness.

“If it’s you that took the trailer, bring it back,” Galvan said. “You can park it right here where you got it from and no questions asked. We won’t press charges, we won’t turn you in. We just want the trailer back and if it comes with the items, even better.”

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