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Megan Chapa releases duet with Wences Romo ‘Nuestra Historia Se Acabó’ [AUDIO]


Megan Chapa has released “Nuestra Historia Se Acabó”, a duet with Wences Romo from her sophomore album Suenos Inquebrantables.

“I love this song so much, it means so much to me, because it’s kind of like empowering on the woman’s side,” Chapa said during a Facebook Live video on July 19. “When you’re in a bad situation, you don’t want to be in it anymore, you just get out. You go and do you, and that’s what I love the most about this song is that it’s very powerful and the lyrics are very powerful.”

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“Nuestra Historia Se Acabó” was written by Richard Rosales and Romo and is the latest single from  Sueños Inquebrantables, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Latin Albums chart, when it was released in January 2017.

The album from the 2016 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female nominee features 10 tracks, including the hit single “Viveme”,  a cover of the 2004 hit from Italian pop singer and songwriter Laura Pausini and the powerful “Para La Otra”.

After the success of her debut album Mi Diario with the hit singles “La Otra”, “No La Voy Hacer” and “Ella O Yo,” Chapa is poised to become a huge star in the Tejano music scene.

LISTEN: “Nuestra Historia Se Acabó” — Megan Chapa Y Wences Romo

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