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Braulio returns with Selena tribute track ‘Con Tu Adios’ [AUDIO]


After a two year hiatus since his last recording, Braulio is now back stronger than ever and embarking on a new solo project with his new single “Con Tu Adios”, a tribute to Selena Quintanilla-Perez.

It’s a genuine and heartfelt tribute to the late Tejano superstar. He wrote it shortly after her passing and after all these years has finally decided to let it see the light of day. While Braulio was gathering material for his upcoming production, he happened to come across the lyrics in his song book and felt it was a sign that now was the time to release it. He asked himself, “Why write something if you’re not going to let others hear it?”

The song was produced by Freddie “Kiki” Herrera at PTE Studios, who immediately fell in love with it and suggested it be the lead single. It was written with the utmost respect from a fan’s point of view and is a testament to the impact Selena left on so many people’s lives in her short 23 years.

The Selena tribute track is the lead single from Braulio’s forthcoming album No Me Rendire, scheduled for release in December 2017. “Con Tu Adios” is available now at all digital platforms.

LISTEN: “Con Tu Adios” — Braulio

1 comment on “Braulio returns with Selena tribute track ‘Con Tu Adios’ [AUDIO]

  1. Braulio wrote a beautiful and heartfelt song about the loss of a legend at the cusp of her career. It expresses what we all felt and made it into a tribute to Selena. He will go far because he is genuinely a great artist and a true cantante. #teambraulio


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