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La Dezz drops third single ‘Todo Mi Amor’ [AUDIO]


La Dezz, the trio that includes brothers Mark Ledesma and David Ledesma along with Lisa Mar, have released their third single “Todo Mi Amor”.

The latest release from La Dezz was written by Di Marie and Mark Ledesma with a special appearance by AJ Castillo. It’s the follow up to “Amar En Total”, released in May by the San Antonio trio.  La Dezz released their debut single “Le Hablare Del Amor” featuring Cacy Savala last summer.

The Ledesma brothers have been in the Tejano music scene for many years and have come together to form this amazing collaboration of soulful voices. Both brothers are former members of The Band, singing back up for  Jay Perez in the late 1990’s.  In 2000, Mark went from background vocals to the lead vocals for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, lasting with the legendary band for 10 years.

Mark Ledesma said he wanted to get back to their roots with the music of La Dezz.

“My whole thing was, how can we get back to making music from the heart and how do we get across this music to people and what we want to do,” Mark Ledesma said during a recent Facebook Live video. “Remember that time when we were 10 years old and we were sittin’ in a room and we were writin’ this song in a notebook pad, that kind of stuff. That’s where we wanted to go. That’s what we wanted to get back to, and we did.”

Now the brothers come together, along with Lisa Mar, to give Tejano a genuine sound that is truly original.

Stay up to date with LaDezz news and tour dates at their official Facebook page, @LaDezzMusic.

LISTEN: “Todo Mi Amor” — La Dezz

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