Anonymous fan pays for Michael Salgado’s meal

Photo: Facebook @ElZurdoMichael

A Michael Salgado fan paid for the singer’s meal and thanked him for his music and wished him continued success.

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Salgado posted a photo of a note from the fan on his Facebook page and thanked the fan for paying for his meal.

“Thank you to the fan who paid for dinner tonight and left me this note,” Salgado posted. “I am glad to know my songs touch people in there lives in so many ways.”

The anonymous fan’s message for the singer, who was recently honored by the Texas Legislature for his contributions to music, mentions why the fan paid for the meal.

“The night before my Dad past away, he sang ‘Cruz De Madera’ to my Mom about 3 times in a row. The look on my Mom’s face every time she hears it is priceless. Thank You!! I wish you nothing but continued success in your career!!”

No mention of the restaurant or what town the touching event happened, but Salgado was scheduled to play in Uvalde, Texas on the date and time of his posting on Facebook.

It’s so great to see the impact that music and musicians have on many lives.

Salgado released his latest single, “Te Miro En Mi Copa,” on May 23, and it is available at all digital platforms.

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