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Tejano Highway 281 teams with David Lee Garza and Oscar ‘Wow-wee’ Montemayor on ‘Aguita De Melon’ [AUDIO]


Tejano  Highway 281 has released their latest single, “Aguita De Melon,” featuring David Lee Garza on accordion with Oscar “Wow-wee” Montemayor and Roel Martinez on vocals.

The cumbia is the second single from Tejano Highway 281’s upcoming album and according to the band’s leader Chris Rodriguez, the song was meant to feature Montemayor.

“Roel and I have always thought that Wow-wee deserved to record a song vocally, because not only is he an awesome entertainer, but he can also throw down as a vocalist,” Rodriguez told Tejano Nation. “He has never been given the opportunity to do so until now! Hopefully people will have another perspective of Wowee, not only as an entertainer and funny guy on stage, but now as a vocalist.”

Montemayor has been a part of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales for many years.

“In talking to David lee Garza, he backed up the idea of having Wow-wee record this song with the 281ers and also recording the accordion himself,” Rodriguez added.

Learn more about Tejano Highway 281 at their official Facebook page, @TH281.

LISTEN: “Aguita De Melon” — Tejano Highway 281 ft. Roel Martinez, Wow-wee & David Lee Garza

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