All-female supergroup CHIKKA to replace Sarah Monique

CHIKKA (Left to right) Sarah Monique, Briana, Savannah Votion and Anjelique | Jimencio Arte

Just over a month after debuting at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in March, all-female supergroup CHIKKA has made a decision to replace one of it’s original members, Sarah Monique.

CHIKKA, created by Eric Avalos and Gabriel Barajas, brought together rising Tejano singers Sarah Monique, Anjelique, Savannah Votion and Briana.

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Sarah Monique took to social media to talk about her release from CHIKKA.

“Sadly, I just got a call that I’m being replaced in CHIKKA for personal reasons,” Sarah Monique posted on her Facebook page on April 24.  “I wish all the girls including my replacement nothing but success and happiness. This truly was an amazing creation and I’m happy to have been considered and presented in at least one show.  To all my fans and the CHIKKA group know this, I never walked out on you all. For some it may mean more than the others, but just know I never quit and I don’t plan to now. I will walk away knowing I didn’t walk out on you.”

CHIKKA made their debut performance during the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in March and are working on their debut single.

“Currently we are in the studio working on the first single, a pop cumbia titled ‘Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda,’ which talks about women being more then just a sex symbol,” Avalos told Tejano Nation in a recent interview. “The single is a women’s anthem pushing the subject that women should stand up and have rights too.”

“Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda” will be the lead single from an upcoming Chikka album, that will also feature three new tracks from each artist with a bonus track

Sarah Monique’s departure may have something to do with the end of her two year relationship, according to her Facebook post.

“I’ve never been known as a quitter, in fact I’ve always been a fighter and I’ve always fought for what I’ve wanted including the relationship I was in for two years, ” Sarah Monique posted. “I never gave up on anything even if it seemed impossible…Thank you to Eric and Gabriel Barajas for allowing me to be heard alongside these amazing artists!”

No word yet on a replacement member, but Tejano Nation will have the latest details when they become available.

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