Lucky Joe debuts powerful video for ‘Te Amo Te Amo’

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Lucky Joe debuted the official video for his latest single “Te Amo Te Amo” on Friday (April 21).

The powerful visual for the song features a girl that feels alone, she is bullied by some of her peers, but finds out there are always people who care and love her.

“I guess it’s because we all have experienced it in some shape or form,” Lucky Joe told Tejano Nation about the video. “I didn’t want to do the typical guy meets girl, girl cheats on guy then they leave each other type of video or vice versa. I wanted to reach further then that, send a message of a much stronger value. Our children are our future and us as parents have to nurture them and teach them morals. Bullying is a learned behavior and we have to teach our children that it is wrong. If we instill the right morals in our children they will have the ability to fulfill their wildest dreams! It’s starts with us, it starts at home…and I’m blessed to have such a supportive label like Freddie Records that allowed me to portray this message through my music.”

“Te Amo Te Amo,” written by Juan Trevino, is the third release from Lucky Joe’s album El Triunfador, released in December.  The 12-song disc includes “De Qué Me Sirves Ya.” the hit single featuring Johnny Lee Rosas of Masizzo, and the lead single “Pierdete,” a Spanish cover of the 2015 hit “Love Yourself” from pop star Justin Beiber.

WATCH: “Te Amo Te Amo” — Lucky Joe

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