Finding The Next Diva Tejana announces Top 12 finalists [VIDEO]

Tejano superstars Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel have launched the search for the Next Diva Tejana and the top 12 finalists were announced via the talent competition’s YouTube channel on March 16.

The top 12 included two former Tejano Idol winners, Ashley Borrero, who won the inaugural Tejano Idol in 2011, and the most recent Tejano Idol winner, Veronica Flores, who won the singing competition in November.

Other top 12 finalists include Beatriz Rojas, who released her debut album, Mi Tesoro, with her band Deztino in 2015 and was named to the General Ballot as Best New Female Artist for the 2016 Tejano Music Awards. Elena Betancourt, from California, who released her debut album, Making It Happen, with Los Tejano Ryders in 2014. Allison Garcia, Amanda Gonzalez, Anikka Garza, Anjelina Jalomo, Blacita Herrera, Crystal Nicole, Mercedes Costa and Sierra Ramos round out the rest of the Top 12.

The finalists performed during Univision Fan Fair in San Antonio on March 18 and the Top 5 finalists will be announced soon, according to a post on the official Facebook page for Finding The Next Diva Tejana.

“Now comes the VERY difficult task of choosing the top five. Our team is going to review your performances and come to a decision in the next few days. I know you will be eager to learn who makes it, But PLEASE try to be patient and give our team time, and room to work. This is going to be Very Difficult because each of the Potential Next Divas is incredibly talented!”

The Diva Tejana will perform with Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel on April 22, 2017 during Fiesta de los Reyes in San Antonio, Texas.  The winner will also record a song with the duo, receive a photo shoot and much more.

The contest will provide high visibility to amateur and semiprofessional artists seeking a path to perform professionally in the music industry, affording them an opportunity to eliminate some of the challenges musicians typically face.  It will be an avenue to empower young women to learn from industry professionals who will be providing skills, hands on experience and guidance to ensure success in the ever evolving field of music.


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